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Originally Posted by Rocky89 View Post
If Nadal is winning, it will be by some miraculous miracle. I think Nalby will take it in 2, maybe 3 if he starts making heaps of errors. I never thought I would say that.

Nadal said in his presser that he felt the most pain in his knee during the semis since coming back to competition. That doesn't sound very promising for his future

He didn't look particularly happy when he won, he barely cracked a smile after match point. I had a feeling it might have been the knee. I don't see how it will improve in the upcoming months, I thought the pain was supposed to be decreasing.
Actually Nadal's doctor said every test confirms that Nadal's knee is now 100% and has absolutely no problem. So the pain is not indicative of any problem. And the more you play with a pain the more normal it feels. As Nadal said, he knows there is nothing wrong with the knee, so its ok to play with pain.
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