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Default Skidding

Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
actually - how much top/underspin is there after the bounce is not important, as the rpm will be minimal either way.

i should have said that penetration is a combination of spin and speed before the bounce.... the right combination causes aerodynamic lift (as opposed to a topspin ball), so it makes the ball 'light' with little friction at the bounce, hence the 'skidding'.

aerodynamic lift cannot be achieved with the lack of either the speed or the spin.
Maybe, then, it is the "skidding" that is seen as (at least a large portion of) the "penetration". The playing surface, I think, is also a major factor in the degree of "skid". I've played on some glass-like indoor hard courts that made "skidders" all but impossible to deal with by someone who wasn't used to playing on same.

Makes sense that the "Magnus effect" would be speed related.
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