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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
Lots of HGH and a good doctor!

living vicariously though your children? tennis parents, beauty pageant parents, etc... just let your kids have their own lives, develop their own interests. back off a little.

even if you want to share your passion for tennis with your child at an early age, make sure that they play lots of different sports while they are young. they will develop better and will have coordination and will be able to choose what sport they want to pursue (might be tennis, might be something else, or maybe not even a sport). this was the case with Federer (played everything from squash to football).

they're your children, actual human beings, not your pets/robots. let them have their own dreams.

Sorry if this seems harsh, but i've seen too many highly strung tennis parents over-pressuring their children. someone has to say this.
No, i agree with you. I believe everybody talents for different things and you just need to find what you are gifted for and your parents are the only ones who can do that for you most of the time. The more interests you have, the more chance you find something valuable for you. Maybe you have the talent to be a Slash but you might not know it till you have a guitar in your hands. So a succesful parent shouldn't be obsessed with one thing but should show many ways as he can to his kids and let them choose.

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