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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
My predictions:
I know I have a sound one-handed backhand. I'm guessing Cheetah has a good one. I think BoramiNYC has a good one.

I'll be interested to see the submissions from all the magic of modern tennis, we've reinvented the wheel with our internet message board pablum, we understand the modern game better than Fed or Djokovic, the fundamentals no longer matter, we've invented a whole new paradigm crowd.
He may have a good one. That doesn't mean he can describe how to hit a good one. On the internet at least.

He says that you should start rotating your torso... then... - wait for it - start to slow down the rotation of your torso all within the two seconds (if that) between realizing you're going to hit a backhand and actually contacting the ball. If that's not over-complication I have no idea what over-complication is.

I would say, that if you make good preparation and make sure the bottom part of your swing is very low (the 1hbh gives you access to good spin - take advantage) - everything else will follow.
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