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Yeh, I yearn for serve and volley. I wish every court played lightning fast - so fast you could barely see the ball after it bounced.

I miss the days where rallies were kept nice and short (on average 1.5 strokes). I miss the days where the only tactic was to hit a hard serve, then put away an easy volley. And everyone would play this tactic all the time. Break point down? You know what to do. 40-love up? Same deal. Now that's variety and tactical astuteness. Seriously, some of these serve/volleyers could have been war strategists if they had chosen an alternate career. They were close to genius level IQ.

I miss the days when tennis more closely resembled stationary target practice than a movement-based sport. Serve-fests were like a beautiful variation of over-arm bowling. Everyone took it in turns to have four bowls. Enthralling stuff. You could also compare it to archery or darts, which are both fantastic sports.

Serve and volley - fast court surfaces - please come back!! You are sorely missed!!
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