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Default Michael Russell: Novak is at a different level than Murray, Federer and Rafa

"Novak kind of plays like Andre [Agassi], dictating points and you feel like you have no breathing room, but at same time he serves better than Andre did, Russell said at San Jose SAP Open. But his return is by far the best. He cracks winner off first serves. I was talking to Ryan Harrisons coach about his match against Novak at the Australian Open and Ryan served close to 70 percent of his first serves and Novak won 6-1, 6-2, 6-3. Hes hitting 110 MPH returns . I think Novak is at a different level than Murray, Federer and Rafa. The scary thing with Novak is he actually has room to improve. He has so many opportunities to come to net and transition, but hes so good from the ground and at moving hes content to nail it to one corner, have it floated back, let it bounce and then nail it to another corner. He could finish points faster, but Im not going not going to tell him that"

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