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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
I cannot speak for Fiji, but I don't think Lendl had any major injuries in the heart of his career. He made 8 straight USO finals. He also was credited with bringing fitness into the sport in a major way. He was supremely fit and worked out extensively off the court. I remember reports that he actually spent as much or more time on his fitness training than actually practicing tennis late in his career. His off court training was viewed as innovative for his era. Not to say pros did not work hard during the 80s but most of the work was on court work or light training. Borg would practice tennis 4-5 hours per day in the early 80s.

Nadal's chances to win at RG depend on 2 things: 1. his fitness - can his knees take the stress? and 2. confidence - can he regain confidence?

I thought his movement and confidence looked shaky in Chili. He did not appear to be as fast and he appeared to limp a bit at times. Also, his confidence did not seem to there as he looped a lot of short balls in the final. But, this is his first tournament so he has time to improve.
Thanks for the info CJC, I wonder how a thinker like Lendle hadnt been into coaching until recently.

Regarding Nadal's fitness, he is mentally toast. The signs were there..."less passion for the game" .." tired of competition" his case is death by a thousand cuts. He started early and is going to go down early.

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