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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
He may have a good one. That doesn't mean he can describe how to hit a good one. On the internet at least.

He says that you should start rotating your torso... then... - wait for it - start to slow down the rotation of your torso all within the two seconds (if that) between realizing you're going to hit a backhand and actually contacting the ball. If that's not over-complication I have no idea what over-complication is.
Sounds like he is describing the kinetic chain, and yes that is how I hit mine, although my focus is on slowing the hip rotation, which releases the energy into the torso, and the subsequent slowdown transfers it to the arm/racquet. If there is no slowdown, I would imagine the contact being late and with less power/control, probably spawning some corrective measures from the arm/wrist to get the racquet face aligned or add more power.
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