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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Sounds like he is describing the kinetic chain, and yes that is how I hit mine, although my focus is on slowing the hip rotation, which releases the energy into the torso, and the subsequent slowdown transfers it to the arm/racquet. If there is no slowdown, I would imagine the contact being late and with less power/control, probably spawning some corrective measures from the arm/wrist to get the racquet face aligned or add more power.
It doesn't make sense.

How can you focus on slowing anything down when swinging into a shot. If you try to slow anything down when swinging forward, the shot will not be explosive and it'll be tentative instead.

I've noticed that my non-hitting arm does indeed fling back when I hit my 1hbh now. Whether or not it flings backwards to slow down my torso rotation as contact with the ball is being made, thus transferring energy from the torso to the racket arm - I have no idea.

All I know is that as my racket head speed developed, the non-hitting arm started flinging back naturally.

My backhand has fvcked up for a long time when our group coach told me to focus on flinging the non-hitting arm hand backwards. I imagine it would be even more fvcked up if he had told me to focus on slowing down the rotation of my torso before contact is made.

I eventually ignored that, and focused on preparation and the actual forward swing instead - the essentials. That is all you need to think about. As I have discovered, the arm flinging back and the torso rotation will all come as you develop the essentials, and it will only mess you up if you think about them instead of the essentials of the stroke.
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