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At the park i play, i often see a 2.0guy training his two daughters, both around age 8 . I can tell he cant play, the type that cant even hit frying pan serve, and all he does is screaming "hit the ball in" "why you hit it out" "thats a good shot"" "Thats bad" . He scream at them everytime they miss or fault, and he never teach them any technique.
When I was in Boston this summer, I was so close to getting into it with this ***** who was hitting with two girls (they were all around my age, maybe a bit older) who was a 3.0 at best. The girls were outright beginners. He kept yelling at them whenever they made an error OR when he made an error trying to return one of their balls. It eventually got so incredibly distracting that a simple "could you keep it down? There are other people out here too." solved the issue. Most people will assume they're invisible on their own court. Reminding them that they're not works quite well.
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