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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
This is the first question that needs to be asked. Kids who play tennis because THEY love to play tennis always end up sticking with it longer. They may not get as far as those with parents who put them in academies and the like, but that life-long love is definitely much more worth it than a shining junior career and then stopping after high school.

Since that's not relevant here, I will just say that for 9, your daughter's FH looks great. I will also say with 100% certainty that 98% of the people who will give you advice have no experience coaching juniors who need quite different advice than adults. So do take what you read with a block of salt.
I partially agree.
I think if a kid loves tennis he or she will absorb much, much more information given to him or her. It's then a matter of giving the child a lot different tennis related stimuli.
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