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His USO match against Federer is one of the greatest matches in terms of level of play from 2 players at the same time I have ever seen. I think Federer broke James Blake's back in that match.
I felt that in the 2006 TMC final and all their other matches onwards Blake just rolled over. Federer crushed Blake's confidence in their USO match.
Well like I said, everyone has a legacy. My father has never played professional sports but he has two sons, a successful business, etc. That is his legacy. Blake's legacy involves him suffering one of the worst years a man can endure, then going on to return to his profession and having more success than he did before the suffering.

Your analysis of the USO match is spot on. Wow. One of a few matches that randomly pop into my head whether I'm watching tennis or not. Anyone who says Fed played in a weak era just need to look at matches like this..James Blake could have beaten anyone in the world that day, except unfortunately than man he was playing. Beautiful match.
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