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Default FS: Babolat Puredrive and plus, Wilson Pro Open and Tour

Several racquets for sale listed below. Price includes shipping USPS priority to CONUS. My son and I have collected too many racquets over the years and I need to unload them. Not sure of the value so if I list some of these higher than they should be forgive me as I'll figure that out when I get no interest, and I'll lower the price. hoffman [at] nc [dot] rr [dot] com to reply or for pics. I have bought and sold maybe 3 or 4 things from this forum but never followed up to make sure references were posted. I just checked and I see one out there, which is excellent. I think these descriptions are conservative and can certainly send pics. Thanks.

1. Babolat PureDrive Plus GT. 4 3/8. 7/10. This one is in pretty good condition with some dings and head bumper scuffed up. $85

2. Babolat PureDrive GT. 4 3/8. 5/10. This is the red "135 years" version. More scratches and a very dirty grip on this one. $75

3. Babolat PureDrive GT. 4 3/8. 5/10, maybe a little better. This is the traditional Blue color version. chips, scratches, dirty handle. $70

4. Wilson BLX Tour. 4 1/2. 8/10. This one is in quite good condition with only a scratch or two. Handle is in great condition. $85

5. Wilson BLX Pro Open. 4 3/8. 5/10. Lots of chips, scratches on this one but nothing real deep or serious looking. Handle is in good shape. $55

6. Wilson BLX Pro Open. 4 1/2. 4/10. Especially around the head, the finish is worn off. Handle is in good shape though. Just a fair number of scratches and chips. $50
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