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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
Federer did beat Nadal in Miami on a HC in 5 sets and has beaten him 4 times at the WTF. Maybe if they had met more times at HC slams when Fed was in his prime he would have won a few. The fact that these two are 5 years apart in age has to be taken into account but I know the Fed haters won't ever do that. Five years in tennis is a lifetime.
You can see it both ways...the 5 years work for federer as well as against him now. Prime is hard to know because it changes according to who you are playing, conditions, surfaces etc.

There is a lot of talk about weak, strong eras but you can only play who is there. My opinion is that all these players: Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Nadal
have forced each other to get better.

The next tier Ferrer, Delpotro,Tsonga, Gasquet etc have also been forced to step up their games as well.

Nadal being out meant others had an opportunity & him coming back will reinstall some of that excitement at the majors. You can see how much his reappearance means to tennis fans in South America.
Nadal being back playing is generating excitement in tennis.
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