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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
Federer did beat Nadal in Miami on a HC in 5 sets and has beaten him 4 times at the WTF. Maybe if they had met more times at HC slams when Fed was in his prime he would have won a few.
Yeah, I already said that, and I agree.

Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
The fact that these two are 5 years apart in age has to be taken into account but I know the Fed haters won't ever do that. Five years in tennis is a lifetime.
1. It works both ways. In the first part of their rivalry, Fed was in his prime, and Nadal was very far from it, he was just a kid.
2. Who was in his prime and able to challenge Fed when Fed was in his prime? Hewitt? Safin? Nalbandian? Fed had it quite easy during his prime if you ask me. Way easier than Nadal or Djokovic.
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