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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Yes, public courts are often reserved for lessons, drills, etc. There should be a sign posted on what time and for what purpose the courts are reserved. Sometimes, though, the parks department is too unorganized to actually post the appropriate sign. The guy may very well have been teaching a parks department class for which he got paid little, if anything, because he wants to help kids learn tennis. Maybe he is just doing this on his own for free to help the neighborhood kids.

Of course you are far too important to take the needs of some lowly ragamuffins into account.
Well nothing was stopping this 'coach' from informing me he was running a class sponsored by the parks department. He didn't, however. He simply wanted me to back down in a brazen assertion of his equally rotund ego.

Either way, given what he was teaching, he was doing possibly irreparable damage to these kids and their tennis potential. These kids would have learned far more about tennis by watching me and my partner play than by listening to their archaic coach.
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