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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
the type of teaching that focus on what a specific body part need to do, can really fvck up a stroke.....

you need to leverage something that our body already know how to do, like drawing a sword or throwing frisbee.... unfortunately, drawing a sword is a terrible one... and throwing a frisbee.... imo can mess up what the hand should do...

hence the 'attacking with elbow'.... now.. this attack may not look like when you elbow attack in martial arts, but i believe it is a good cue to have a good coil, and unwind the hitting unit into the ball.
unless one does everything right from the get go we all go through periods of focusing on specific body parts. trick is learning how to make the correction subconscious and move on. it's a whole another skill on its own.

you might be at a stage where focusing on elbow helps you, which is fine. I did at some point as well.

of course frisbee or any other analogy are horribly inadequate but as an approximation of the swingpath I think it's an improvement over drawing a sword which reminds of low arm position in the beginning of the forward swing.
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