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I think you did the right thing. One guy can't come and take over all of the public courts because he wants to run a class, get paid, and not have to pay for court time. The one thing I would have asked him is if he had something from the city/county/park (whoever actually owned the court) saying that the court had been reserved. Many of the public courts I've played on have a sign that expressly forbids lessons.

The fact that you were adults is irrelevant I think. It could have been a couple of ten year olds.

I ran into this a long time ago at a public court. There were two courts. One was used by two older teens, and my dad, my brother, and I took the free court. This college tennis player (who will be referred to as Dude) and a young, attractive woman show up about ten minutes later. Dude kind of generally announces that he has a lesson and the courts are reserved, though he clearly only needs one. Now there's a sign on the court that clearly prohibits private lessons, and this clearly wasn't a park and rec group lesson. The three of us know this. We kind of all look at each other and and there's a silent pact that there was only one way Dude was getting our court, and while Dude was a big, strong guy he wasn't big enough to deal with 3 grown men. Dude apparently realizes this too because pretty quickly he goes after the two teenagers. He had the bravado going and basically intimidated them off the court. We all thought about stepping in, and I think we said something about private lessons, but teens wanted no part of this and left.

Public courts are public. We all pay taxes.

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