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Default Why no talk of the new Graphene MP?

I would like to hear from anyone else who has tried the new Head Graphene 16 X 19 racket. I am quite surprised there is not more discussion going on regarding this stick? I tried it the other day just demoing for 30 minutes or so and thought it was quite a good stick that would appeal to a broad range of people. Definitely more powerful than the previous MP315. Very easy to use racket large sweet spot, good power...only thing lacking was a little bit of plow through which could be fixed with some lead tape in the hoop and on the handle.
Didn't feel overly stiff or overly flexy...somewhere in the middle. Anyway I was quite impressed with it and would love to try it again with about a half oz added to it overall without changing the balance.

Would love to hear from anyone else that has tried it and what were your thoughts? To me this racket reminded me of something along the lines of a BLX Pro Open.
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