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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
A "few short months ago", he said the boy wouldn't get recruited at a D1? You must read these boards a lot more carefully than me, because I think he and mikej and everyone else who has commented on this has said the exact opposite of what you are foisting as fact.
Nope. Wrong again.

A "few short months ago" TCF and his sidekick were mocking the dad's claim of getting email from top DI coaches and saying the boy would not be recruited at top DI schools.

Camp 3: Those who project him right now with his current coach as a successful pro
Sorry, Mr. Hyberbole, but I seriously doubt there is anyone here who thinks the boy is currently a successful pro player.

I fall into the camp that is sick of TCF posting nasty **** about other people's children and also pretending he has a crystal ball to predict the's tedious and silly.

So far, he has been wrong about the kid on multiple occasions and he was also clearly wrong in stating his daughter would crush the top ranked twelve year old in the US.

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