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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
Nope. Wrong again.

A "few short months ago" TCF and his sidekick were mocking the dad's claim of getting email from top DI coaches and saying the boy would not be recruited at top DI schools.

Sorry, Mr. Hyberbole, but I seriously doubt there is anyone here who thinks the boy is currently a successful pro player.

I fall into the camp that is sick of TCF posting nasty **** about other people's children and also pretending he has a crystal ball to predict the future.

So far, he has been wrong about the kid on multiple occasions and he was also clearly wrong in stating his daughter would crush the number one girl's twelve year old.
Mr. Hyperbole? The surest indication that someone is wrong on the facts is when that person starts with the name calling.

I never said anyone thinks the kid is "currently a successful pro player". I said they "project" it. It's only two posts back. You can check it, but no need to say sorry.

Look, no one is going to send you drafts of their posts to approve in advance. Sports message boards are filled with projections about how young athletes will turn out in college or the pros. Some of these projections are right, some are wrong. What is your projection?

What does his daughter have to do with this any more than your daughter. To assess the credibility of your posts do we need to hear about your daughter's junior record? Because I fall into Camp 2 above do I need to support my opinion by talking about my kids' sports results?

You are right, I am confused.

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