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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
A "few short months ago", he said the boy wouldn't get recruited at a D1? You must read these boards a lot more carefully than me, because I think he and mikej and everyone else who has commented on this has said the exact opposite of what you are foisting as fact. I do remember a post or two about D1 coaches avoiding kids of "special parents". Don't know whether that was mikej or TCF. Anyway, I don't think anyone on the board a few months ago said the player did not have D1 talent.

A "few months before that".....I guess we're at about 6 months total, now......he said the player was D2 material? OK, I'm gonna be less polite this time and call BS on that. Yup, it's challenge.

His daughter has nothing more to do with this than your daughter. This is what is boils down to. There are basically three camps on the board regarding the player.

Camp 1: Those who project, according to standards that have been exhaustively stated here, that the player will not make it as a successful pro, and that he should go to college.

Camp 2: Those who project that what is necessary for the player to have a chance to be a successful pro is new/additional coaching input

Camp 3: Those who project him right now with his current coach as a successful pro

I fall into Camp 2.

Do you have any substantive input besides calling people confused and saying they lack enough humility to suit your personal tastes? Let's hear it.
misterbill I enjoy coming on here for a few reasons 1 enertainment 2 information 3 debate to stir more info ,,,,No let me ask you a question about camp 2 with the progress we have had with tennis which is a winning % , I believe the ratio is 3 or 4 to 1 win loss record which were content with right now at 16 please in detail explain why would need someone else in the camp and what would thier part be ?

I am courius for your answer .
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