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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
soianka....your history is pretty sketchy so we take your posts with a grain of salt. BB has said some awful things to posters, such as streetwalker comments, yet you have never once said a word about it. You seem for whatever reason to overlook all the negative things he has said and wait to pounce on the rest of us.

Your posts today are simply wrong. Neither mikej or I said he was not D-1 material. We said that the coaches of the top 5 tennis schools have their pick of guys around the world. We asked why they would spend one of their rare and precious scholarships on a player whose dad seems in control and has posted for years that college tennis is worthless and counter productive to a pro career.

This is common sense stuff that you are choosing to twist completely. If you were the coach of a program that could pick almost any guy in the world, would you chase a kid whose has no interest in college tennis?

The fact remains, BB dishes as well or more than he gets back. I admitted he was a D-1 level player and not D-2. The D-2 comments were when his dad was teasing us other coaches and made 5 years ago, not months ago.

As far as "nasty and negative".....nothing of the sort. BB and I have one simple disagreement.....whether great leaps in tennis improvement are possible after 12 years of dedicated tennis training, or whether they are not.
My history is sketchy?

LOL TCF. What sort of history does one need to post on a publically accessible message board.

Should I make up a story about being a medical resident like Mike J or should I make up one about being a top tennis coach like yourself ? [just may or may not be doesn't really matter either's a message board]

As for BB's comments, I find some of them offensive and wrong especially the political stuff.

Certainly, I do not condone talking badly about a little girl (even a possibly imaginary one).

However, you have baited this poor fellow with all sorts of really unnecessarily harsh comments and it gets old and tedious and ridiculous.

As for you and Mike J, I didn't misrepresent the tenor of what you both said, which was that you didn't believe top D1 coaches wanted to recruit the boy. That doesn't seem to be your tune today.

I'm sure you will have a slightly different tune when the boy posts some more good results, but I doubt you will ever admit the truth.

Namely, you have no special powers of prognostication that allow you to definitively determine whether or not this kid will have a successful pro tennis career.

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