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Originally Posted by etd View Post
The polarization is very noticeable on the Graphene Speed Pro. I couldn't get used to it. You have to have a fast swing to maximize the benefits of the polarization. I didn't care for the feel either, but that might have been due to the Head FXP Tour string on my demo which I find pretty numb.

I think the IG Prestige Pro is the better all around racquet, but I play singles and doubles and like to come to the net.

I wish they had just made a heavier version of the Graphene Speed MP and called it the Pro. The Graphene Speed MP is very easy to play with. I found the Graphene Speed Pro more finicky.

Yeah I totally agree with your thoughts about the polarization of the Pro. It's the first 18x20 string pattern I hit with that has good power and balls don't land short but I couldn't get use to the balance of the racquet. I also don't like polarized racquet which to me feels sluggish.

The Graphene Speed MP swings great but lacks oomph and I also think if they had made a heavier version, that would be the racquet of choice for me. I don't like adding lead tape since it takes a while to get the right amount and it might also throw off that nice balance the Graphene Speed currently has.
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