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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
I wouldn't say it's about getting it right or wrong, it's all about one's perception and taste.

That said even some posters who generally detest Nadal wished for his comeback after the recent AO final which was hilarious to see .
Here's the deal. A Nadal Murray matchup or Nadal Djoker match up in terms of actual tennis is really not that different than Djoker Murray, lefty dynamic aside.

The reason why the Djoker Nadal became interesting(which it really wasnt before 2011) was because after 2010, it seemed Federer was past it, and Nadal was poised to finally dominate the game as much if not more than Fed did in his prime. It was thought he would have a legit chance at the slam count because, who could stop him???

Then all of a sudden, Djoker was there at every final to block Nadal. 7 conseqcutive finals in 2011 where Djoker beat Rafa, 2 on clay. Instead of the crown being firmly ensconsed with Rafa, here comes Djoker the Usurper. Then came 2012 with Nadal restoring his dominance on clay although Djoker defended his turf from Nadal at the AO.

So that is why Djoker Nadal is exciting *now* because of what happened in 2011. Prior to that Nadal so firmly pwned Djoker that nobody looked forward to their rivalry. But now their rivalry is exciting because of the back and forth nature. However, if Rafa fails to come back to form this year I doubt their rivalry will have much drama there either.

ETA: The reason the Murray Djoker rivalry is boring is because they have no storyline, no drama.

With Fed Nadal it was the constrast in styles lefty vs righty, attacker vs grinder defender, the 'gentleman' vs the upstart in capri pants
the quiet assassin in fed vs "Vamos" Nadal. And of course, the dominant Fed vs the young upstart.

With Djoker Nadal its: The Heir Apparents vs The Usurper.

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