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1 cm is quite a lot. What machine is yours?

So far I have strung three rackets on my x-2: fischer pro #1, Yonex RDS 001 Mid, and a babolat PST Ltd. The fischer and Babolat were both shorten by about 0.5 cm while the Yonex was intact.

I am pretty sure all the rackets were set up securely the same way on the stringer but have no idea why and how to prevent the deform.

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I have an inexpensive 2 point system. I have strung over 50 racquets on it and I still get deformation, it averages 1 cm difference length wise. I even get that if string crosses 4 lbs tighter. Doesn't matter if its a Head or a stiff Babolat. It still compresses by 1 whole cm
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