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Sure I do, and so do you if you choose to. Do miracles happen? Yup. But everyday we play the odds in life from the information we are able to gather.

When I look at every single top pro his height and what they won at his age, I get information. When a study is done about what 93% of top 100 pros won at his age, I get information. When I observe junior tennis for 20 plus years and talk to coaches with decades more experience....and they all conclude that ceilings are reached after 10-12 years of tennis focus, I get information.

This is not simply guessing. Its tennis history. There are no cases we can find in tennis history of a guy being fully tennis dedicated from age 5 for 10-12 years, growing at a steady pace, and not reaching his approximate ceiling after those 12 years.

Top 75 pros do not surprise anyone once they train for 10-12 years. Some may have very late growth spurts which delays their maturation, others like Roanic may not be fully into tennis until a later age....but we can not find ANY surprises in players that went fully into tennis as kids when we go back over the current top pros.
TCF a question out of the current top 10 ITF players right now which ones have a chance of being top money makers ?
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