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Originally Posted by maggmaster View Post
Are you an adult? What are your tennis aspirations? If you want to hack around a local club, maybe even get pretty good on the club ladder, you can do that with pretty basic mechanics. If you want to play in the upper echelon of rec players, you should try and attain proper strokes.
Adult and then some, but still in relatively decent shape. Picked up tennis after a 20 year hiatus. Aspirations ? To consistently reach that spot where I can hit sweet shots over and over. Sure beats hitting the treadmill. Would be great to get to the point where playing for points can be as much fun as hitting casual rallies.

I think I've got to work on the strokes.

Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
...Focusing on the across swing creates weak balls for many players...

If a player has good swing speed, control, and body rotation, much of the across swing will happen automatically. It is no point forcing it without having the prerequisites.
Yes, I find that focusing on any mechanics at all messes me up. I think I have the prerequisites, so it's got to be possible to attain a better swing.

Originally Posted by Anton View Post
Sure, just shoot me an email.

Who's clinic are you talking about? Is it at CSI?
Never got a reply from the people at CSI, and anyway it's close to impossible to get a court there on weekends. No, I've been going to a place close to my current work location in the Princeton NJ vicinity.

I wasn't able to figure out how to get your email address. My profile contains mine, so if you know how to send a direct email, please go ahead. Though I guess it may be difficult to find courts before the temperatures rise a little.

Originally Posted by VeeSe View Post
I say listen to your coach. If you want to develop better strokes, it's always worth it to regress for awhile ...
Thanks for confirming...

Originally Posted by Mahboob Khan View Post
Lack of proper follow-through means you might be applying hand-brakes in the contact zone...
You're exactly right. I think that's all part of the whole excess physical tension problem too. Greater relaxation would probably lead to a more natural and extended follow-through.

Thanks all. It's great to get feedback and encouragement like this. Now I've got to see whether an oldish dog can learn new tricks.
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