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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
My history is sketchy?

LOL TCF. What sort of history does one need to post on a publically accessible message board.

Should I make up a story about being a medical resident like Mike J or should I make up one about being a top tennis coach like yourself ? [just may or may not be doesn't really matter either's a message board]

As for BB's comments, I find some of them offensive and wrong especially the political stuff.

Certainly, I do not condone talking badly about a little girl (even a possibly imaginary one).

However, you have baited this poor fellow with all sorts of really unnecessarily harsh comments and it gets old and tedious and ridiculous.

As for you and Mike J, I didn't misrepresent the tenor of what you both said, which was that you didn't believe top D1 coaches wanted to recruit the boy. That doesn't seem to be your tune today.

I'm sure you will have a slightly different tune when the boy posts some more good results, but I doubt you will ever admit the truth.

Namely, you have no special powers of prognostication that allow you to definitively determine whether or not this kid will have a successful pro tennis career.
Soianka you are not gonna get anywhere , I just sit back and laugh , last year at the Zoo a friend came up to me , I call him G and he said hey did you notice something ? and I said no what ? H e said I have counted 11 D1 coaches here watching your boy play his match and he had 9 at his last match this is crazy he said most players are hoping to have 2 or 3 coaches show up you have 11 man thats crazy !

My point is the proof is in the pudding , TCF is right is DB gonna be a money making pro according to his statistic and the the way he sees it the answer NO !

But then again he said according to the way were doing things we would never beat the top players in the nation we have always been in the to 3 Nationally in each age group except the 16's we skipped that age group.

So thanks for the defense but don't spend to much time on a guy that judges things he has never seen with his own eyes yet has a strong grip on what is there that is sketchy !!!
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