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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
I wouldn't say it's about getting it right or wrong, it's all about one's perception and taste.

That said even some posters who generally detest Nadal wished for his comeback after the recent AO final which was hilarious to see .
Yes, it's about perception and taste of the individual, zagor. But it's also about the collective mind (taking for example TTW), where there has been a huge polarization between Federer and Nadal as completely different ends of a spectrum. I think this has been harmful generally because it has brought simple ways of thinking, by exalting each player's qualities that fit this simplified model, and suppressing those that didn't.

The bottom line is that Fed can be a fighter and Nadal can be a shotmaker. Enough of making Fed a puss that tends to cry in public when he loses and Nadal a thug that can barely hold a racket.

How great would it be to see Nadal and Fed duking it out in the RG final and Fed finally make it seem like he can win against Rafa there? Maybe this will be the year, although I have the feeling it will be Djokovic instead who might win it, along with the Career Grand Slam.
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