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This guy did a study and found that 93 out of the top 100 players had either been ranked top 5 ITF, or won a jr slam, or an Orange Bowl, or won a euro championship.

It was 5 years ago and things have changed and will continue to change....but the fact is we can find commonalities between almost all the top 100 guys and their success at younger ages.
so if top 5 ITF is one of the criteria's we could be there within the next 6 month "if" we are to waist the money and chase the points cause we have played someone 6 itf and destroyed him at the OB the level was not as high as you claim , also like I said after playing the OB had we started last year playing ITF at a busy rate we would be top 5 no doubt . So if thats it were on target thanx !
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