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Originally Posted by RingerOG View Post
TCF, while I agree with most of what you say regarding the odds of a money making pro, are we sure DB has learned everything needed to make that next jump. I have seen him play once and he needs much more development in his game to win consistently in the pros. First, he needs a much bigger forehand and serve. He plays as if he is 5'10" instead of of 6'5". Too much grinding for a big guy. Second, needs to learn patience and a rotational rally ball. Point construction in order to get to your weapons wins in pro tennis. Learn when to play offense and defense correctly. Hint, watch Sam Querrey closely.
you have seen him play once? well your not as good as tcf he has never seen him yet he is and expert on that which he has not seen , but thankfully this is not a court of law and we were looking to you as witnesses that were giving up lots of evidence for your claims . just my thought
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