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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
Tennis courts are a scarce commodity. I don't live in a city with a nice, usable tennis court in every neighbourhood. There have to be measures taken to ensure the greatest benefit for the greatest number of players. One guy hoarding the courts so he can teach children methods that will handicap their tennis for life--for money, I might add--is a misallocation of a scarce public resource.

Maybe I should have simply relented for the sake of the children, but then this guy would have persisted. I stood up against this abusive practice, and I'd do it again. I probably did him a favour. Other people might not have been as charitable about seizing the court as I was.
Oh, let's get over ourselves, shall we?

Some guy was letting a bunch of kids run around and swing at tennis balls. The kids got some fresh air and exercise, and their parents got them off the couch. Just because it's not the Bolliteri academy doesn't make it worthless, especially since you don't know what the parents were paying.

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