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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
You've obviously told her to stay on her toes! This I feel could be the issue with her balance, the fact she is pushing up onto her toes right the way through contact is causing her to fall back onto her heels (watch how many times her first move after the hit is to go back slightly - she is rarely able to remain neutral). So for me, that would be the first area to address. Secondly, she has a pause in her prep on transition to the ball, so I would look to eliminate that - she probably has been told to prepare early? At her age a pause will mean a lot of inertia to overcome, which requires strength she may not have developed yet. A continuous racquet path will help alleviate this problem.

Quick question - she is 9, why do you want more power?

Can I have a different take on this and let me know what you think Ash.

When I see her hit her forehand, I believe the reason she's leaning back is because she's trying to use her upper body to get under the ball and lift it as opposed to using her legs for this instead and keeping her back straight. Yes, she does bend her knees but from what I see she's not using her legs to hit the ball, mainly her quads. She bends a bit more sometimes, but lifts early and then uses her back to get under/lift the ball thus making her lean back and loose balance. Hope this makes sense, let me know your opinion.
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