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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Oh, let's get over ourselves, shall we?

Some guy was letting a bunch of kids run around and swing at tennis balls. The kids got some fresh air and exercise, and their parents got them off the couch. Just because it's not the Bolliteri academy doesn't make it worthless, especially since you don't know what the parents were paying.

If you're just a rec player, then let's remember that you're just a rec player. And if you're a rec player, by definition you stink at tennis.
If I was a parent of one of these kids, I would like to watch a few minutes of practice to see if the coach is worth my money or not.
Personally, I would coach my kid myself; especially at a young age. I believe I had the capabilities of developing a player just as good as a 'pro' coaching another kid.

Okay, about the 'rec player' comment, that statement is open for perception.
If I and a partner played you in a mixed doubles match, depending on how you and your partner play, I can have a judgement whether your decent or not. I see that your a 'master' at moonballs? Well, I can easily expose that by hitting at corners and/or lobbing your partner for you to return a weak shot and then hit a passing shot at you.

Bottom line: There's people who have "NTRP" levels and still suck mate.
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