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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
I don't know if all were at their peak but all were great players at the time. I think Borg's peak was about 1978-1979. If Kodes managed to win that over this field, that's very impressive.
Yes, they were at their prime years, even if the best Borg would be, as you mention, that of 1978 to 1980.But he had already won 2 FO and played a Masters final and 2 WCT finals.

Nastase would reach a Wimbledon final a year later and Orantes had his best year in 1975, winning the US Open on clay just a few weeks before the Madrid event.

I think there were other excelent cc players also, such as Ramirez,Bertolucci,Fillol,Dibbs and so forth.

Kodes path in the 1971 USO is also amazing.He had other wins were he had to defeat a similar amount of big names.
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