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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
Beveldevil - I've seen you preaching on here that one shouldn't use a full semi-western 1hbh grip because it's too extreme.

You should try it - it's not uncomfortable. Moonballers got very easy to play and if you have time to set up - you can easily make balls kick up over people's heads.

I'm still not great at playing good players who hit heavy topspin - but it's nothing to do with the height of the bounce (which I actually like), and more to do with my crappy timing when the ball kicks forward. But at the same time I know my backhand is also doing this to people as they say it kicks forward and upwards and makes life unpleasant.
But what about low balls? How do you do passing shots and hitting on the run?

Also, just curious, where is your heel pad? I've found that an extreme eastern with the heel pad on the back of the handle is plenty extreme for head-high balls. (Although I don't use extreme eastern bh).

Originally Posted by Mahboob Khan View Post
Unless you hit all your shots with continental grip there is a change of grip.
This is probably correct IF you are hitting with the opposite racket face on each side.

However, if you hit with the same face on each side, then Full Western fh and Full Eastern bh are doable. So are Hawaiian fh /Mild-Eastern bh and Extreme SW fh / Extreme Eastern bh.

In all cases (including continental), there is likely to be a change in the heel pad positioning, though.
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