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Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
But what about low balls? How do you do passing shots and hitting on the run?

Also, just curious, where is your heel pad? I've found that an extreme eastern with the heel pad on the back of the handle is plenty extreme for head-high balls. (Although I don't use extreme eastern bh).

This is probably correct IF you are hitting with the opposite racket face on each side.

However, if you hit with the same face on each side, then Full Western fh and Full Eastern bh are doable. So are Hawaiian fh /Mild-Eastern bh and Extreme SW fh / Extreme Eastern bh.

In all cases (including continental), there is likely to be a change in the heel pad positioning, though.
I don't know where my heel pad is, mainly because I don't exactly know what the heel pad is.

I can tell you that my pinky knuckle is on the ridge between bevels 8 and 1, and my index knuckle is on bevel 8. I make absolutely no adjustment to my grip when hitting a fh or bh.

For low balls you have knees - you must bend them! I squat down extremely low to topspin low balls, but I can deal with them. I always do this sort of motion though, even when slicing low balls - so it's no major inconvenience.

Dipping passing shots are good, passing shots on the run tend to be hit down the line unless I get to it very early, since the contact point is so far out in front.

To help, I do weight training as well, and I purposely strengthen areas of the musculature used in hitting 1hbh's - your posterior deltoids, lateral deltoids, mid-back and wrist extensors.

It's always been my goal to have a stronger backhand than forehand, simply because I'm a contrary ar$ehole of a person, and whatever are most people's weaknesses, I like to make them my strengths, and whatever are most people's strengths, I like to make them my weaknesses.
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