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Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
Everyone markets the new slam winner as better than previous great champions.

Like the hype the hell out of Federer being better Sampras....which he is right that time it was wrong.

Right now Novak level is not better or ever was better than Federer 04-06 or Nadal 08,10.

Fedal at their peak would be Djokovic at his peak. Djokovic game takes the bland base lining game to small bevel higher.
I would say peak for peak

Federer >>> Djokovic at US Open
Federer >>>>>>> Djokovic at Wimbledon
Federer > Djokovic on clay
Djokovic >>> federer Plexicushion

(not sure about rebound ace)

Nadal >>>>>> Djokovic on clay
Nadal >> Djokovic on grass
Djokovic >>>>> Nadal on HC

that's just a rough score
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