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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Hey Ross, have another look at my post above, I did shed some light at least, but didn't know what a Pure Control Competition was, now I do!

My racket in that photo (again sorry about the quality), is in fact a Pure Control Competition, I just found out. In this case it is a 2nd Gen (swirly), with 1st Gen grommets, in a 3rd Gen (Team) paintjob!

It is Carlsen's racket, which in post 27 he explains was apparently the same as Gonzales's (only not extended).

So basically Gonzales under the paint used a Pro version (Competition) of the extended 2nd Gen (swirly) Pure Control it seems!

Also this proves that Pro mold Babolats do (or at least did) exist. As my racket above has a grommet channel different to any retail Babolat racket definitely.

Oh, and I havn't got a clue what Stosur is using
Thanks for that jimbo. I expect some others will chip in with a comment or 2. I thought Carlsen and Gonzo used different PCs, but this may well be incorrect, or so it would appear.

Re Stosur, I don't think it's ever been conclusively shown what frame exactly she really is using.
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