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Originally Posted by mats88 View Post
Hi! Firstly, I must say the GUT is too expensive for me. The Isospeed Control CLASSIC is really gut-like multifilament. Very soft, muted feel, great playabilty. Is this string could be good as a cross? Anyone tried that?

I wonder to make a hybrid with Weiss Cannon SILVERSTRING as main?
(frame: Wilson Pro Staff 95).
I just got the Biomimitec 200 racquet. Have you tried it with a full set of Silverstring? I'm strongly leaning toward that string for it. Your advice would be appreciated.

I've found Dunlop Hexy Fiber to be an excellent cross with Cyber Flash.
MuscleWeave 200G (348g 8.5 HL), Multifeel 1.25/Black Mamba 1.23, @53/46, dropweight stringer
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