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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
i was pretty sure you were referring to that actually. and i would very much look forward to a book like that
i was just wondering, whether there is actually enough biographical material available(internet and others) to be able to write a book about Major Ritchie.
or any other player really from the first decades.

i suspect the answer to be no, sadly
I think there is a great deal of information available, in newspaper and other types of archives (a certain amount of it now online), on even the earliest of players. This means that it would be possible to write quite a detailed biography of someone like Major Ritchie, especially because the focus would, naturally, be on his lawn tennis career.

Of course, such a work would take a great deal of research, but I believe it could be done. Hopefully someone will at some point try to write a detailed biography of someone like Major Ritchie, or of an even more successful early lawn tennis player.

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