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i m working with children at this age as well and from my view i would advice u to check these points:

-there is no need to hit every FH in open stance; especially when she got time and she s waiting for the ball (sometimes to long) she could as well step in and play a little more closed stance (she will have to learn both anyway)
-start the FH with shoulder turn
-the raquet is a little to close to her body and pointing back to soon imo and therefore the ellbow is to early too close to the body. (there is some more to say about this but its hard for me in english )
-i like her follow through but she is always out of balance. try to catch the raquet with the second hand and freeze in this position for a second (she must not loose balance while freezing)- the so called modern follow throughs like WW she can do when she s in control of her body

overall i like what i see and if u were in my area i would like to work with her
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