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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
has Delpo ever had something approximating Murray's 'feather' incident at the Australian Open?
Not sure, but then he's never got to play in the final of the Australian Open to find out

Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
Also, i think Delpo's calm nonchalant demeanor help him stay focused. He is rarely flustered unless he makes a very silly mistake, then he moves on quickly. Murray seems to have more of a negative internal (often external) dialogue with himself. He has improved a lot and he is young enough to change. I just don't think he's at the level of some of the other players on tour.
The only players he's really not quite at the same mental level as are Djokovic, Federer and Nadal. Results speak for themselves. Murray has many more bigger titles than Delpo or any other player ranked below him (Nadal excepted of course). So if he IS mentally weaker than them in any way, it has certainly not held him back in achieving far more superior results!

Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post

Anyway, this Murray Vs. Delpo stuff reminded me of this clip:

neither of them seem very calm there...
Actually, Delpo DOES seem the calmer whereas Murray is the one getting agitated. Nonetheless, guess who won the match?
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."
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