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As I have gone deeper into this issue over the years at first, my main inclination was just that testing should be done the best way possible. I also used to agree with total prohibition, now I am more skeptical specially about the total prohibition part. Professional athletes are from from regular people or even amateurs when it comes to what is expected of their bodies.

To believe that a professional athlete, a tennis player for example, can train 4-6 hours a day plus off court work, play 4 hours plus matches, recover to play day in and day for weeks in a 10 months season, not get seriously injured and do all that on bread and water is a bit of an illusion to ask. And Tennis is not even one of the most physical sports out there.

If you look into some of the main PEDS used, they haven't change much over the decades: HGH, Steroids (basic Male hormone in synthetic form), insulin and EPO. These are all substances naturally produced and found in the body, these are all substances that are prescribed legitimately for people under certain conditions, with minimal side effects when done correctly. The argument is that Professional athletes are like regular people and should not be able to use them. Which is not correct in my view, not in what is expected of their bodies.

To know that there are regular Joe's in the gym around the corner who used them just to look good, to expect that professional athletes who lived of their body to totally stay away from the science of substances that can greatly aid and help them to train better, recover faster and that if used correctly, under professional supervision do not show to have major side effects is a tall order to ask.

I am not saying for allowing everything, certainly there are substances to stay away from, but to prohibit everything just doesn't work, look at recreational drugs which has been tried much harder. And the Ped's testing has not work as a serious deterant, is hard to imagine will ever be truly efficient, unless several hundreds of millions are invested and a truly strong independent party such as the government can get involved. That is what it took to bring Lance forward.

So I believe a balance approach needs to be reach in an openly and honest way. The thing right now is that there is a political correct narrative for the lay man public to believe, that all Peds are bad and that sport's truly do their best to keep everyone clean, wink, wink, and that Tennis is a quite clean sport aside from a few exceptions. While most insiders or people who look deep into this now to be a charade. This needs to truly end, the issue needs to be brought to light, so the best solutions can be found. Not this 2 version way, one for the public and another for insiders.
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