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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
I'm starting to think pete's serve is overrated tbh.
Well I definitely don't think it was the unanimous best serve of all time, heck it MIGHT not even be top 5, but it was definitely an all-time great serve. He's third in first serve points won all-time, something like 3rd-4th on pct% of service games won, and was only broken 4 times in 7 Wimbledon finals. It might be a tad overrated but it is still in the running for greatest serve of all time. It would be a tough ask for Federer or for anybody. If they're both at the top of their games its foolish to think either would blow the other off the court. That's simply nonsensical.

But you may be right, the way some people talk about Sampras, its as if his serve NEVER wilted, it was NEVER broken etc etc.
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