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Originally Posted by boredone3456 View Post
Not the record actually..Borg won 41 straight sets at the French between 1979-1981

Fed won 30 straight at the Aussie
Fed won 34 straight at Wimbledon
Lendl won 26 straight at the US Open

Those are the records for the 4 majors since 1972 (according to Wikipedia)

Not sure about stats before that or specific surfaces. I would guess Nadal is up there on clay along with guys like Borg, Vilas and several others.

Was going to post about Borg, but don't get how fed could have won 34 consecutive sets at wimbledon when he never won it without dropping a set. maybe its 34 matches.

EDIT.Oh wait I see. If you won the last 6 matches of a slam without dropping a set and the next first six the next year you could get up to 36 sets for instance.
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