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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
definition of opportunity: an appropriate or favorable time or occasion.

What does that have to do with having an invitation to an event? An opportunity is exactly that. Why are you dissecting this? Just to have something to argue about? He's gone to SA this weekend. If he was in the final at Rotterdam he wouldn't be there would he? Therefore an opportunity arose. He took it.
If he was in the final of Rotterdam he could still have flown to South Africa after the match, or the next morning.

He told the press about the South Africa trip immediately after the QF loss; clearly it was pre-planned. You think he decided in the 30 minutes after his loss before the presser to go to South Africa???

It's possible since he lost in the QF he switched to a somewhat earlier flight, or very possible there was no change in his plans at all. He never announced what time on Sunday he was leaving; why couldn't it have been after the final?

You wrote in your original post that you thought he didn't try hard in his QF because he wanted to meet Mandela. I disagree. That's it.

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