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Originally Posted by hersito View Post
Not trying to be mean or to troll, just watched your video, you play well, but how old are you? Here in argentina you have to be between 15 and 18 to be able to play futures. You play quite well I will say 5 to 6 in your ratings. Here in argentina we have an amateur league from 9 to 1 levels and then the pro tournaments (with futures, challengers and atp tournaments). For what I saw in the video you would probably win the 2nd amateur league no problem and be between the best of the 1st league, but the futures would be a different story, you might be able to win a few games, probably a set but not many chances on a game. I have 2 futures that train every day next to me, one is Argentinean the other one is American they are around 17 years old and I can assure you they would double beagle me and it would be hard for me to get games or sets out of them, can't even dream of wining a match.
here in the u.s., it is pretty standard that div 1 college players play in my local futures tournament and a couple of them have won it (like the no. 3 or 4 singles player on the d1 team iirc).
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