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Originally Posted by rofl_copter3 View Post
How is this a better example than all of Djokers match points down coming back to win? I'm not saying one guy is tougher than the other, but I fail to see how your example proves your arguement.
Because 2011-2013 Djokovic is a lot more experienced than 2005-2006 Nadal. Before 2011, Djokovic was considered to be very suspect in the mental toughness stakes, very inconsistent due to physical ailments.

Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post

Because turning the match on the surface, that suits your game the most, and, in the case against Federer, having a favourable match-up against your opponent, shows exactly that.
Do you know how boring your snide comments have gotten?

Have you heard of hindsight? You're using it. Don't do it. Nadal was an 18 year old who had never won a major when he beat Coria in the 2005 Rome final. At the time of the 2006 Rome final, Federer had 7 majors to Nadal's 1, and it was only their third match on a clay-court.
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